My name is Kelli. I grew up in a small town in northwest Alberta, where it was possible to try every sport and activity, because every team needed all the kids it could get. Sadly, it turns out I’m not terribly good at any of the activities. So, where some people might fill their free time with adult hobbies like soccer, hockey, golf, or volleyball, I decided to start a blog. (This is where the shrugging, “what can you do?” emoji would go, but I’m not yet good enough at blogs to know if I should insert an emoji.)

Some other things about me:

I love travelling and exploring new places, which is quite an evolution from the version of myself who couldn’t imagine leaving Alberta for university.

But not leaving Alberta for university meant that I moved to Calgary, and I’ve now lived here for more than half my life. I’ve grown very attached to this place — even with all its maddening qualities and the constant talk about real estate and/or oil prices.

Speaking of oil prices, I’ve worked in corporate communications for oil companies (but now we say “energy” companies), and I’ve also held social work roles. The years I spent working with youth who were deemed (not often in their own words) to be “at risk” included some of the most valuable learning I’ve ever had. (While on the subject of work, let me be clear that this blog only holds my own views; I’m not speaking on behalf of any employer.)

Outside work, I volunteer for a few different organizations, and some people say I take on too much. I’m not sure about that; there seem to be a lot of other people who make much more extraordinary contributions in the world.

But I do think it would be handy to have a teleporter, and I will continue to wish that tech-y people work harder on inventing that instead of continuing to advance tools like Siri, who I only ever end up yelling at.

That’s probably enough for now. After all, this is a blog, and you can’t get much more self-involved than a blog. So, if you want to learn more about me, you can do that by clicking basically any other link on this site.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Kyla

    Kelli I’m loving the blog! It’s like I can hear your voice reading the passages to me (which also by extension makes me incredibly lonely for the Real Me days as well). Keep it up! Let’s catch up soon!


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