Maybe there’s more? What kind of name is that?

I’m told that I often come across like I confidently believe whatever perspective I’m putting forward, or whatever point I’m making.

The truth is, I’m a lot less tied to my beliefs than it sounds. I like when people respond to me with phrases like, “but what about…” and “don’t you think you’re missing…”

So, I’m trying to get better at inviting those kinds of statements. I’m trying to get better at sounding more tentative in the first place (not in that way where women undermine themselves with words, but more open to other ideas).

The truth is also: I have no idea about anything outside my own experience. The more I’ve encountered new people – through travel, work, education, or just for fun – the more I’ve realized that I don’t know anything at all. I have lots of opinions. But like most people, my opinions are based on my own biases, experiences, and assumptions…many of which I’m not even aware of.

I said in my first post that one reason to do a blog is to process ideas. Well, there are always more ideas. More perspectives. I’ve been trying to remind myself that just when I think I have something figured out, maybe there’s more to it.

Maybe there’s more insight to be gained.
Maybe there’s more to people’s intentions.
Maybe there’s more than one response.
Maybe there’s more than the solution that seems most obvious.

And…maybe I can explore some of those things from this space. Hopefully you’ll join me.

Maybe There's More

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