A family who needs help

When I set up this blog, I deliberately didn’t say how often I’d post to it. I did say that one of my hesitations was related to whether I’d be committed enough to keep the blog going.

In my head, I told myself I’d try to write something about every two weeks. According to that schedule, this past week was supposed to be a blog post week, but I kept second-guessing what to write about. Only one of my ideas seemed compelling, but it turns out that I’m still working up enough bravery to write about the Alberta election.

Fortunately, procrastination pays off sometimes. This afternoon, I came across a story I immediately knew that I wanted to share.

You know those moments when you realize that your own problems are absolutely nothing in comparison to other people’s problems? (I hope you know this feeling; otherwise it probably says something very sad about your circumstances or your character.)

I had one of those moments this afternoon. And admittedly, I came to it in a delayed sort of way.

A few days ago, I received a link via Facebook Messenger. I saw that it was for a GoFundMe initiative, and I wasn’t feeling very generous or open to other people’s problems at the time. There are just so many sad stories, you know? Honestly, I didn’t feel like prioritizing one sad story over all the others, or over my own life’s goings-on. In any case, I didn’t open the link right away.

Today, I had a bit more time and a bit more energy, so I clicked the link. I read the story. And I donated. I hope you’ll consider doing the same – whether it’s here or to another deserving person or family.

Like I said in my last post, we’re all just people. We’re all trying to get by.

And certainly, it’s an impressive feat to “get by” when your country falls into civil war. When you end up as a refugee. When someone in your family has cancer. When someone in your family has ALS. But all these things at once? That’s quite the situation.

If it’s not a story that inspires you to give funds, I hope it’s a story that will at least inspire you to give thought.

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One thought on “A family who needs help

  1. Mark Addington

    I used to think that the words ”We the People” were 3 of the most powerful words ever written until 2 weeks ago when New Zealand’s Prime Minster, Jacinda Ardern, speaking after the horrific mass shooting at a Christchurch mosque said to those who had lost loved ones, and on behalf of ALL New Zealanders “You are Us”


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