Dear John

Dear John

Dear John…er…I mean…Justin, Erin, and Jagmeet: 

I think we have different goals for our relationship. It seems you’re looking for an unquestioning, everlasting commitment. I, on the other hand, feel like we may need to start seeing other people. 

Based on the many, many emails I’ve received from “your people” – as well as your gloating, self-important social media posts – I think I’ve outgrown you. 

I understand that dramatic antics appeal to some. But honestly, it’s been a really horrible couple of years and I’m looking for something more stable. I’m also looking for someone who understands the value of compromise…someone who can work with others for the common good. At this point in my life, the most appealing matches are the ones with an ability to take accountability for their decisions and actions (or lack thereof). 

I’m so tired of hearing all the reasons that our challenges are someone else’s fault, especially since each of you and your predecessors have had a chance to make things better. (Sure, Jagmeet, I know you and your team have never had the power of the others, but you’ve certainly had more influence and ability than you give yourselves credit for.) I can’t stomach this blame game anymore. It’s appalling the way you each make political pawns out of dead kids’ graves, a pandemic, and climate-induced disasters. 

It may be cliched, but I’m starting to crave a more European-style relationship. I’m longing for less focus on blind loyalty and more effort toward creative possibilities. I think the Europeans refer to this kind of relationship as a minority government. Unlike what we’ve seen on our side of the Atlantic, the minority government situationship seems to work quite well for the Europeans. Instead of investing all their effort (and ego) in gaining the most power, they expect to work together to make decisions. It sounds so dreamy…so…so…grown-up.

Sure, I’m probably idealizing the situation. Maybe I’m naïve. Kind of like that time I thought it was safe to eat and drink my way through Italy, Portugal and Spain, but ended up with a parasite by the time I returned to France. 

But I digress. Sort of. The thing is, I’m actually starting to wonder if you’re the parasites. You’re feeding off anger, fear, and division and you’re seeking to create more of it. I’m sorry, but I’m not into it anymore. Like I said at the start of this letter – and also two years ago – our current relationship just isn’t working. 

If you care about our history together, and about all the possible futures we could have, I hope you’ll try to start acting a little less like teenage boys and a little more like leaders. 

On behalf of all Canadians and with love,


One thought on “Dear John

  1. Ashley

    “At this point in my life, the most appealing matches are the ones with an ability to take accountability for their decisions and actions (or lack thereof).”



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